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Fuel Your Fire

You know who you are. You’re the over-worked college student that needs a boost to get through that all-night study session. You’re the busy mom that needs the energy to keep up with the kids. You’re the high-pressured executive that needs to be at the top of your game all day. No matter what the need…

Feed the need with CAF Fusion!

Now you can stay energized and alert with a grab-and-go energy drink that actually tastes great. This decadently creamy coffee drink comes in three irresistible flavors, each guaranteed to charge your body’s batteries. Coffee lover? You’ll crave Java Jolt. Chocoholic? Mocha Blast will melt in your mouth. Thrilled by vanilla? Vanilla Vortex is divine. And best of all, these 8-ounce brews are made with ingredients like guarana and ginseng to give you just the lift you need to get through the day, while providing a good source of calcium.

Isn’t it time you fused some flavor with your coffee? Some more energy with your brew? We’ve raised the bar on energy drinks, supercharging your stamina with a potent blend of delicious ingredients. Pick up your favorite CAF Fusion flavors today at your favorite convenience store or food service facility.

Caf Fusion Coffee Infused Energy Drink