Cold Star Unveils New Packaging for Popular CAF Fusion Energy Drink

CAF Fusion, the great-tasting coffee- infused energy drink by Cold Star, Inc. is now available in single serving cans, eliminating the need for refrigeration while increasing shelf life and profits for retailers nationwide.

Mt. Ephraim, NJ-January 2013- Cold Star, Inc. proudly unveils new packaging for their increasingly popular energy drink, CAF Fusion. The creamy, coffee-infused energy drink – dubbed the “grown-up energy drink” by its legion of loyal followers and industry trade publications, is now available in single-serving 8 ounce cans. The switch from bottle to can has eliminated the need for refrigeration and substantially increased the products shelf life, thus freeing up precious refrigerated storage space for storeowners and distributors alike. The new packaging has attracted many new key accounts that formerly did not have the refrigerated storage space available for the old packaging.

“Our distributors and C-store owners nationwide are excited about the new packaging for our well-loved energy drink CAF Fusion”, states Hank Harris, Owner of Cold Star, Inc. “We are happy to provide this convenience to our customers and in turn, their customers.

Benefits of new packaging of CAF Fusion include:

  • 8 oz single serve cans
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Longer shelf life
  • Refrigerated shipping no longer necessary
  • Can be shipped with other Cold Star products
  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective

The new can style is also more typical of the packaging in the energy drink category, and thus will be more appealing to consumers, increasing sales for retailers.

Customers are attracted to CAF Fusion because the “grab and go” energy drink tastes great. The decadently creamy coffee drink comes in three irresistible flavors and bright packaging that will jump off your shelf.

Java Jolt is bold and energizing with full-bodied coffee flavor, perfect for those who love the taste of coffee. Creamy, smooth, and balanced with the right touch of sweetness, Java Jolt will satisfy even the most intense coffee cravings.

Mocha Blast mixes two of the most desirable flavors in the world: coffee and chocolate. When combined in this blend of CAF Fusion, the two flavors create an energy drink featuring the perfect twist of bold coffee and rich cocoa.

Finally, Vanilla Vortex combines the tempting lure of aromatic coffee with a creamy finish of vanilla. Vanilla Vortex is an indulgence only your customers will know is an energy drink.

The wide array of CAF Fusion flavors ensures that consumers will get the energy lift they desire in an outstanding beverage drink with every flavor. Available in 8-ounce cans, visit the CAF Fusion website ( or call Cold Star, Inc. at 800-269-4052 for additional information.

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