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CAF Fusion Flavors


Bold and energizing with full-bodied character, this chilled coffee experience is inspired by those who want to taste the flavor of coffee without compromise. An invigorating blend of rich coffee and ingredients like ginseng and guarana gives your body a boost of energy with every succulent sip.  

When you’re in need of a coffee kick, don’t settle for a dreary drip in a paper cup. Grab a 8-ounce can of CAF Fusion’s Java Jolt. Creamy, smooth and balanced with just the right touch of sweetness, it will satisfy even the most intense coffee cravings.


The world’s top matchmakers agreeā€¦ coffee and chocolate are made for each other. We’ve combined rich, complex cocoa with bold coffee to deliver a powerful energy experience. It’s a stamina-sustaining sensation.

Now you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get that extra lift you need to keep on kicking. Our signature smooth taste is paired perfectly with chocolate and energy-boosting ingredients like ginseng and guarana. Available in a super-convenient grab-and-go bottle, CAF Fusion’s Mocha Blast is there whenever you need it.


We know a thing or two about beans. But not just coffee beans, vanilla beans too. We’ve put the two together to make one powerfully decadent refreshment.

CAF Fusion’s Vanilla Vortex will suck you in with its sweet aroma and creamy, buttery finish. This smooth blend of coffee and vanilla mingles together with energy-boosting ingredients to give you the sweet surge you need to get through the day. Grab a 8-ounce can today for a not-so-plain vanilla adventure.

Caf Fusion Coffee Infused Energy Drink